I spent a little bit of time thinking about things, and trying to decide, with everything that’s going on in the United States right now, which is where I live, what I should do or say, if I should post a new page, and just go on in this little space, as if everything was “normal”.

I’ve decided, and I apologize in advance, to take a moment to reflect, and acknowledge some things, and I will post a new page next week.

First off, votes are still being tallied. It’s less of a time push though, with the EC awarding nearly 300 of the 270 needed votes to Biden, at this point. There will be some recounts, most likely in Georgia, and either Wisconsin or Michigan, I can’t recall which, but that’s neither here nor there. The reason the announcement was made was because after the non-contestable Pennsylvania count was committed to Biden’s side, if the other recounts flip, Biden is still beyond the 270 cap.

A lot of people are out and celebrating, but there’s still a lot to do, many of Trump’s appointees don’t come up for replacement immediately, McConnell is still the Senate Majority leader, and he plans on being as intractable as possible. While there is definitely reason to exhale, this is not cause to sit back and relax.

There are many on the progressive side that are glad Trump’s out, but aren’t glad that Biden’s in, and I worry that many of them will do the same as the conservative fringe, and sulk, instead of being active, and continuing to push for change and accountability. That is something that makes me worry. We still have about two and a half months before Biden officially takes office, and in that time, there’s the potential for a lot of damage to still be done.

Trump has proven to be vindictive and childish, and I don’t think that’s about to change, in any capacity, which is why we have to stay vigilant. As a transwoman, I see this election as one win in a series of events that still needs to keep progressing forward. We have to keep pushing, and keep striving to be better, every day, on every field we occupy.

I apologize for this somewhat lengthy political post, but as I said when I spoke about #blacklivesmatter and George Floyd, I believe that any platform we hold, entails a level of responsibility.

Thank you once again for enjoying Seal of the Guardian, and sticking with me.