A few days ago I made a pretty lengthy post on my personal facebook, in light of the protests that have been going on worldwide. A ton of this has been weighing on my mind, making it difficult to not just work on art, but also to rest or sleep.

I know you guys come here for some escape, and I apologize for interrupting it for this, but I also feel it’s incredibly important. That there are times where you have to take the platforms you have, and use them in a responsible manner.

A little over a year ago, I started working on a totally different idea from Seal of the Guardian. With the state of affairs in the world today, I’m both glad, and a little sad that I chose to set it aside to do this. Allow me to explain.

I was working on a much more politically driven concept that I titled “Black Anthem”. It was going to be science fantasy, but I was going to use the premise to address oppression, racism, segregation, and the like.

The reason I’m sad: Had I gone forward with that concept, it might’ve presented me with a stronger platform to spread more awareness.

The reason I’m glad: It could easily be construed as profiteering off of the oppression and misery that has plagued our society for far too long.

Right now, the world is finally coming to grips with the cobwebs that are being shaken from the collective eyes, and speaking out against injustice, murder, inequality, and the constant, systemic oppression of people of color, and that message is important. So important, that for the moment, I believe it needs to remain present, to be acknowledged, to be echoed.

I thank you all for the continued support you have given to me and my storytelling, and I will resume it soon, but in the mean time, we need to stand with our brothers and sisters.

#blacklivesmatter #nojusticenopeace #justiceforfloyd #icantbreathe